What Now? Episode 23 – “Your mind wanders when it’s empty.”

What Now? Episode 23 – “Your mind wanders when it’s empty.”

Download this episode, in which Gavin and Andrey talk about Antair Notes, Android live wallpaper, game bugs being the best kind of bugs, infinitely heavy bad guys, playing around with Unity, RIM doing what RIM does best, Google IO and the new Android tablet, Amazon expanding the Kindle Fire market to include other countries, being able, but not willing, to respond to app store reviews, the possibility of Retro Dreamer being on Xbox Live, Andrey’s weird TV-fueled coding habits, feeling like you’re wasting time no matter what you’re working on, independent developers and depression, 360iDev, Gavin Frogger, Ed Bartley, Flowerpot Games, and Pancakes!!!, setting up a new computer, Brave, Up, realistic hair, Valve’s Source Filmmaker, meeting Pyro, Lego Batman 2, Spider-Man, Batman, Stan Lee, Christian Bale, and Michael Keaton.

3 thoughts on “What Now? Episode 23 – “Your mind wanders when it’s empty.””

    1. It’s true that Unity is free below a certain revenue line, but the free edition is feature limited as compared to the Pro edition. And, from what I understand, those limited features are some that would come in quite useful for a commercial release. In short, Unity free is practically positioned for non-commercial/educational/evaluation use.

      1. One major limitation of Unity free is that the .NET bytecode is still in the .dll. But you can get rid of that (also get’s you smaller file sizes) with mono-cli-stripper . Search the Unity3d forum for more infos.

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