What Now? Episode 24 – “Programming. It’s pretty cool.”

What Now? Episode 24 – “Programming. It’s pretty cool.”

Download this episode, in which Gavin and Andrey talk about Gavin working again, prototyping small games, Unity, possible game engines, SDL and zlib, Andrey trying to pronounce ‘Cocos2D’, wasting time evaluating game engines, wasting time building game engines, Uberdeck, building web apps, Laravel, web site templates, Twitter Bootstrap, going to the movies, the PS3 gamepad, and the possibility of guests.

5 thoughts on “What Now? Episode 24 – “Programming. It’s pretty cool.””

  1. Enjoyed the show. WRT getting too technical, as long as you stop short of reading out code listings or detailed discussion of API signatures, I think technical discussion is fine.



  2. @Gavin : if you can’t afford Unity it really show that it’s hard to make a decent living with video games.

    That’s one of the reason that I’m doing B2B enterprise software type ERP/Reporting to bring enough cash to support my future game development activity.

    I’m a family man with 3 boys,private schoiol mortagage, and I can’t take
    the risk to go full time with Casual games

    Unless I create a title that sales millions of copies 😉

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