What Now? Episode 25 – “Sorry, what were you asking?”

What Now? Episode 25 – “Sorry, what were you asking?”

Download this episode, in which Gavin and Andrey talk about the little things, missed episodes, what Gavin is working on, Andrey’s game engine choice, cocos2dx, cocos2d-iphone, Moai, documentation as a measure of polish, the mental switch between low level game development and script-based engines, Andrey’s trawl through his indie work history, the pointless urge to collate, having too much stuff, Andrey’s client projects, Antair Notes market comparisons, an excellent example of pragmatic support, web vs. mobile development, Uberdeck, robots, IAP hacks, update on Duckers, Playbook sales, the benefits of other platforms, Ouya, Andrey’s hating Colin Farrell for no good reason, the Olympics, a rundown of Gavin’s submission-a-day week, the comfort level economic measure, Walled Garden Weekly, Gavin’s new laptop and Magic Trackpad skills.

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