What Now? Episode 27 – “Red Bull gives you the jitters.”

What Now? Episode 27 – “Red Bull gives you the jitters.”

Download this episode, in which Gavin and Andrey talk about cloning, Red Bull, teaching Unix and Perl, the amount of work it takes to teach a college course, an avalanche of client work, turning down client work, app dropping 3000 rank positions in a few hours, NOOK owners, the new generation of Kindle Fire tablets, Jeff Vogel on storytelling in games, John Carmack’s QuakeCon 2012 keynote, Craig’s paternity leave, finding a compromise between quick-to-make projects and projects that take a long time to complete, motivation, Happy Poo Fall, Ice Cream Jump, Gavin Bowman art, app store rejections, saturating the world with Retro Dreamer games, matching socks, working on IAP for the Kindle Fire, coding in Java for Android, performance-oriented games in Java and Javascript, another app store rejection, and Twitter as a replacement for cubicle-chat.

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