What Now? Episode 32 – “There’s a chicken outside!”

What Now? Episode 32 – “There’s a chicken outside!”

Download this episode, in which Gavin and Andrey talk about GDC, pens and ink, coats in California, 360iDev, ADC, happy jumping, cupcakes, code synchronization between similar versions of an app, ACRA and Android bug reporting, localization of mobile apps, Samsung Galaxy S3, in-app payments on the NOOK, RIM, Lucas Arts shutting down, Jedi Knight source code, Fabien Sanglard, doors and chickens, our development setups, Andrey’s other podcast, Sublime Text and vim, and audio-only games.


5 thoughts on “What Now? Episode 32 – “There’s a chicken outside!””

  1. Hi,

    Haven’t listened to this latest episode yet, but found something of interest:

    I’ve started taking the free online course “A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior” https://www.coursera.org/course/behavioralecon ‘We will examine topics such as how emotion rather than cognition determines economic decisions, “irrational” patterns of thinking about money and investments […]’

    The content of week 2 seems directly applicable to app store pricing. Worth signing up just to download/watch the videos.



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